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HCC Summit (HCC-2023)

Join leading hepatocellular carcinoma experts to discuss the latest topics relevant to the interventional oncologist. Upon completion of the Virtual Summit, participants will be able to:

Understand how interventional oncology integrates with the comprehensive management of patients with HCC.

Describe advancements in perioperative and intraprocedural imaging technologies utilized in local therapy for HCC.

Learn how to optimize locoregional therapy outcomes by navigating an increasingly complicated HCC treatment landscape.

CME Credits: None

  • Session 1: Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Engaging the Hepatic Substrate
  • What the IR/IO should know about cirrhosis and HCC
  • What the IR/IO should know about liver transplant for HCC
  • Characterizing HCC phenotypes through imaging
  • Advancements in HCC local therapy treatment planning & procedural imaging
  • Radioembo dosimetry in patients with cirrhosis: Optimize both safety & efficacy
  • Anticipating and managing HCC local therapy complications
  • Panel Discussion
  • Session2: HCC Therapeutic Intersections: Evidence and Experience
  • When should a patient with HCC receive local therapy instead of resection?
  • One nail and many hammers: How do I choose a treatment for solitary HCC?
  • What is the role for multiple radioembolization devices for treatment of HCC?
  • Will TACE survive the age of radioembolization and immunotherapy?
  • When do I utilize adjunctive therapies for the locoregional treatment of HCC?
  • he HCC landscape has become busy: Keeping the patient in mind
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed