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Plug Summit (PLUG2023)

Originally recorded Aug 19, 2023

Course Directors: Dr Rahul Patel, Dr. Jafar Golzarian, Dr. Marc Sapoval

Session 1: The materials
Session 2: Cased base presentations

CME Credits: None

  • Session 1: The Materials
  • Making of a Plug: History & Evolution of Plug Technologies
  • Making of a Plug - A Deep Dive into the Materials & Designs
  • The OG - Overview of the Amplatzer plug
  • The little guys: Overview of plugs that go through a microcatheter
  • The Big guys: Overview of plugs that go through a diagnostic catheter or bigger
  • Plugs vs Coils
  • Panel Discussion 1
  • Session 2: Cases
  • Plugs in PAVM - Should this be the primary treatment method
  • PARTO - How I use plugs to treat varices
  • Plugs off Label
  • Pre-EVAR Case
  • GI Bleed Case
  • Introgenic Renal Bleed Case
  • My craziest plug case
  • Plug as a Backstop Case
  • Panel Discussion 2
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed