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Liquid Summit 2023 (LQ2023)

Gain insights into this emerging area – what are the new products, how are they used, how can these products be seamlessly incorporated into practices, why is there fear in using them, and more.

Learning Objectives
- Upon completion of the Virtual Summit, participants will be able to:
- Understand the technical factors required for successful delivery of glue in the peripheral vasculature.
- Understand the differences between the available DMSO-based liquid embolic agents and their current status regarding use for peripheral embolization.
- Differentiate between liquids and conformable solids and review how these differences impact utilization for peripheral embolization.
- Gain exposure to potential applications for liquid embolic use for peripheral embolization.

CME Credits: None

  • From the chemistry lab to the physicians' hand: What we all need to know.
  • Liquids - What is out there?
  • Glue: How chemistry translates into clinical behavior
  • DMSO based materials: All about the materials’ basics
  • Hydrogels: Basics
  • What is Shear thinning and how Obsidio Works
  • Panel: Tips and Tricks: How to get the best out of each material
  • Updates, Material Selection and Tips: Case based
  • Glue: Video cases
  • Lava: What did the study show?
  • Obsidio: Initial experience
  • Lipiojoint: Initial experience
  • Case: Glue in GI bleed
  • Case: Lipiodol in GAE
  • Case: PAE - Coil out technique with Obsidio
  • Case: Lipiodol/Glue in PAE
  • Case: LAVA in GI Bleeding
  • Case - Combination of materials is the future
  • Panel - Clinical applications of liquid, conformables, combination of embolics
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed