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Fibered Coils - Selection and techniques to maximize clinical benefits in embo procedures (2023MAR)

Sponsored by Boston Scientific

This educational webinar will continue building physician knowledge on fibered coils, what procedure types and vessel sizes are ideal, and the proper techniques that should be used to maximize the clinical benefits in arterial and venous embolization procedures.

Dr. Jafar Golzarian, University of Minnesota
Dr. Gary Siskin, Albany Medical Center
Dr. Nima Kokabi, Emory University Hospital  
Dr. Christopher Grilli, Christiana Care

Overview of fibered coils
- Fibered coils vs non-fibered coils: what’s the difference?
- What are the advantages and challenges of fibered coils?

Case presentations using the EmboldTM Detachable Coil System:
- Pelvic Venous Disease
- Lower GI Bleeding
- SMA aneurysm embolization (Visceral Aneurysm)
- Upper GI bleeding companion cases
- Visceral Aneurysm
- Variceal embolization (CARTO)
- Pulmonary AVM embo (PAVM)

Physician Panel Discussion
- What was the rationale for the selection of fibered coils in the case?
- What technical steps were followed to maximize vessel occlusion and minimize vessel recanalization in the case?

CME Credits: None

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