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Liver Directed Therapy for HCC - Part 1 (ID2022-102)

Live Webinar from February 26, 2022

Dr. Marc Sapoval – University of Paris/Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou

Dr. Franco Orsi - European Institute of Oncology
Dr. Roberto Iezzi - Catholic University – A. Gemelli Hospital
Dr. Miyuki Sone - National Cancer Center Hospital
Dr. Geert Maleux - University Hospitals Leuven

Sponsored by Guerbet

CME Credits: None MOC Credits: None GEST Year: 2022 Category: Industry Sponsored

  • Dr. Orsi - Thermal Ablation for HCC: Patient Selection is Critical
  • Dr. Iezzi - Combo cTACE & Ablation Expands Therapeutic Range for Large Tumors
  • Dr. Sone - Superselective cTACE is Curative for Early HCC
  • Dr. Maleux - Intermediate HCC: cTACE vs DEB-TACE vs TARE
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