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Vascular and Lymphatic Malformation (GEST18-104)

Dr. Brian Funaki - University of Chicago
Dr. Young Soo Do - Samsung Medical Center

Dr. Aaron Fischman - Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Dr. Keigo Osuga - Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Dr. John Kaufman – Dotter Interventional Institute/Oregon Health & Science University
Dr. Steven Yevich - M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Dr. Sang Joon Park - International St. Mary’s Hospital / Catholic Kwandong University
Dr. Hiro Kiyosue – Oita University Hospital

CME Credits: None MOC Credits: None GEST Year: 2018 Category: Vascular and Lymphatic Malformation

  • Dr. Brian Funaki - The ISSVA Classification of Vascular Anomalies
  • Dr. Aaron Fischman - Venous Malformations: Choosing the Embolic Agent
  • Dr. Keigo Osuga - How to Treat Complex Venous Malformation
  • Dr. John Kaufman - Complex and Micro-Cystic Lymphatic Malformation: How to Treat
  • Dr. Steven Yevich - Vascular & Lymphatic Malformations: When to Say No
  • Dr. Young Soo Do - How to Use Ethanol for Treatment of AVMs
  • Dr. Sang Joon Park - High Flow AVM: Can You Avoid Alcohol Altogether?
  • Dr. Young Soo Do - High Flow AVM: Venous or Arterial or Both Approaches?
  • Dr. John Kaufman - Treating Vascular Malformations: What is the Evidence?
  • Dr. Hiro Kiyosue - Case Presentation: Complex Vascular Malformation
  • Dr. Steven Yevich - Case Presentation: Complex Vascular Malformation
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  • All units must be completed